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Professional 3D Printers

Method Series

Specialized 3D printers for engineering applications

S Series

Unlimited application potential

UltiMaker Method 3D Printers


An actively heated build chamber for precision dual extrusion. 

Starting at $4,499

Method X

Repeatable production with engineering-grade polymers. 

Starting at $4,874

Method X Carbon Fiber

The highest accuracy to replace metal parts with composites. 

Starting at $5,249

Introducing the Method XL

Precision printing. Industrial scale.

Print large parts with industrial-grade materials and high dimensional accuracy - the ultimate solution for engineering applications.

The Method XL bridges the gap between desktop and industrial printers, providing a perfect fusion of accessibility and performance. Meticulously engineered to create large, accurate parts, this groundbreaking 3D printer utilizes industrial-grade materials that match the precision of injection molding. With its expansive build volume, exceptional dimensional accuracy, and heated build chamber, the Method XL specializes in creating durable and complex parts with ease.



Prices may differ per region, please check with your local UltiMaker reseller for local pricing.

UltiMaker S Series 3D Printers

UltiMaker S5 

More space for bigger 3D prints with the widest choice of materials. 

UltiMaker S7 

Perfect first layers with faster print removal and an integrated air manager.

UltiMaker S7 Pro Bundle

Ultimate 3D printing productivity with automatic material handling.

View the complete line of S Series 3D printers and learn more about where to purchase.