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Sketch PLA Filament True Color Series

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Sketch PLA Filament
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True Color Filaments: Vivid, Accurate, and Inspiring. Unlock Creativity in the Classroom with Vibrant 3D Printing.

Tap into all the colors of the rainbow with the True Color series of filaments, offering educators a vibrant palette to bring their 3D printing projects to life in the classroom.

  • Customize Projects: From STEM challenges to artistic endeavors, the possibilities are endless. Watch your students bring their ideas to life with the vibrant hues of MakerBot's new filament colors.
  • School Pride: Boost school spirit by incorporating your institution's colors into classroom projects, displays, and decorations.
  • Events & Celebrations: Enhance school events and celebrations with custom 3D printed items that showcase your school's unique identity.

Want to purchase a bundle? Shop our Rainbow Series 10-Pack and our Metallic Series 5-Pack!

Printer compatibility

  • Sketch 3D Printer
  • Sketch Large 3D Printer
USD $39.00
Starting at $12/mo or 0% APR with . See if you qualify