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MakerBot Sketch Filament Metallic 5 Pack (5 PLA)

USD $195.00
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This the ideal filament for your Sketch or Sketch Large. MakerBot PLA is tuned to work seamlessly with it.

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A specially curated collection of filament colors designed to add a touch of shine and style to your 3D printing projects. This pack includes five stunning metallic hues: Patina Bronze, Sunset Copper, Shimmering Silver, Crown Gold, and Midnight Metal. 

Create eye-catching prints with metallic finishes that shine and stand out, capturing students' attention.

Use metallic prints to showcase special projects, awards, or prototypes, adding a touch of prestige to student achievements.

Net Weight: 1 kg (2.2 lbs)

Filament Diameter: 1.75mm


  • Sketch
  • Sketch Large 

Colors in the Metallic PLA Pack:

  • (1) Patina bronze
  • (1) Sunset copper
  • (1) Shimmering silver
  • (1) Crown gold
  • (1) Midnight metal
USD $195.00
Starting at $12/mo or 0% APR with . See if you qualify