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MakerBot Thing-O-matic® Heater Board v1.1

A PCB heater with thermistor attached so you can set and maintain temperatures precisely. Great for the Thing-O-Matic® or your own projects!
Integrated heat, temperature sensing, and motor control

The Thing-O-matic® Heater Board is combination of innovative 3D printing technologies. First, it provides a nice, flat printing surface with mounting holes. Second, the PCB itself is one large, flat heater which provides very even heating across the surface. Third, the PCB includes an on-board thermistor which allows the board to measure its own temperature. Last, but not least, the PCB includes a header for connecting it to the rest of the MakerBot® electronics so that you can easily wire it up.

If you need another Heater board for your bot or a project that needs a controllable heated surface with temperature feedback up to 130c, this is a great item for you!

Designed to fit our Aluminum Build Surface for easy heat spreading and a flush build surface!

Please check out the full documentation here.

Compatible with the HBP/ABP Wiring Harness 32"