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MakerBot® Magnetic Rotary Encoder v2.1 Kit

A Magnetic Rotary Encoder for your projects!

The Magnetic Rotary Encoder v1.2 is a fantastic building block for positioning systems. The core of this board is the AS5040 chip. This type of chip is commonly called an encoder. It reports its location by measuring the changes in the magnetic field surrounding the chip. This chip measures rotational motion like that of a motor shaft. When properly assembled, this board will allow you to detect the the position and speed of a motor. You can combine this with a motor and a microcontroller to build a closed-loop positioning system whose speed and position can be precisely determined and controlled, even if something unexpected happens. This board can be attached to Arduino and is fully open-source!
Designed to integrate easily with the MakerBot DC Servo Controller and the MakerBot® Linear Encoder


* 10-bit resolution providing 1024 absolute positions per 360° (step size ~ 0.35°)
* Simple, 4 pin, .100" pitch interface
* Runs on 5V
* 18" cable included
* 6mm magnet included


(1) Magnetic Rotary Encoder v2.1 PCBA
(1) AS5040 magnet
(1) 4-pin female cable with .100" spaced pins