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MakerBot® Magnetic Linear Encoder v1.2 Kit

A Magnetic Linear Encoder v1.2 Kit that can determine position down to 15 Microns. That's a tiny position! Great for your machine, robotics, or hacking projects!

The MakerBot® Magnetic Linear Encoder v1.2 is a fantastic building block for positioning systems. The core of this board is the AS5306 chip. This chip is what is commonly called an encoder. What is does is measure and report its location. It does this by reading the changes in the magnetic field as the chip changes position. What this means is that when properly assembled, this board will allow you to detect the the position of something like a linear axis. If you combine this with a motor and a microcontroller, then you can build a closed-loop positioning system whose speed and position can be precisely determined and controlled. You can use it to build machines, or use it as a sensor for sliders, like a mixing board. Can be connected in multiple to Arduino.
Designed to integrate with the MakerBot® DC Servo Controller and the MakerBot® Rotary Encoder


* Resolution: 15 microns (0.015mm)
* Simple, 4 pin, .100" pitch interface
* Runs on 5V
* 18" cable included
* 12" magnetic strip included


(1) MakerBot® Magnetic Linear Encoder v1.2 Fully Assembled
(1) 4-pin female cable with .100" spaced pins
(1) AS5306 Magnet 12"

Full documentation is available at: