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  1. Opto Endstop v2.1 Kit

    Opto Endstop v2.1 Kit

    An optical switch usually used to detect when your robot has reached the minimum or maximum position of travel.

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  2. Thermocouple Sensor v1.0 Kit

    Thermocouple Sensor v1.0 Kit

    Need to measure crazy high temperatures accurately and reliably? Want a super simple board to handle it? Look no further. This is a simple board for measuring temperature. It uses an AD595 chip to make thermocouple measurements easy. The AD595 amplifies the thermocouple signal and conditions it for easy use. Thermocouples are great due to their linearity over a large range, and their high temperature capability (up to 1300C!) Click here for full documentation and sources.


  3. The parts that come in the kit

    Sanguino v1.0 Microcontroller Kit

    The Sanguino is an awesome, Arduino compatible microcontroller.

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  1. DC Motor Driver v1.1 Kit

    DC Motor Driver v1.1 Kit

    Control two DC motors independently: forwards or backwards with up to 1 amp per motor. You can also control one stepper as well.

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  2. Arduino Breakout Shield v1.4 Kit

    Arduino Breakout Shield v1.4 Kit

    Simplify your prototyping and make your installation projects much more robust with this awesome breakout shield. Screw terminals FTW. The Arduino Breakout Shield is a shield that plugs into an Arduino and provides all the Arduino pins as screw terminals. It is perfect for semi-permanent Arduino projects, or just general prototyping. It provides access to all the Arduino pins, as well as providing extra GND, 3.3v, 5v, and Supply voltage pins for convenience.

  3. Temperature Sensor v2.0 Kit

    Temperature Sensor v2.0 Kit

    Want a cheap, simple way of measuring temperature in the range of 0-300C? We have the solution for you! This board allows you to use a thermistor to measure the temperature of something. It is designed to be used to measure things in the range of 100C - 300C, but with the proper calibration and resistors, it can be adapted to any temperature range you need (under 300C). If you need something that can measure temperatures above 300C, you should look into the Thermocouple Sensor.

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  1. PWM Driver v1.1 Kit

    PWM Driver v1.1 Kit

    Control things that take DC current easily. This board has 3 high-current transistors capable of 5 amps each.


  2. Danger Shield v1.0 Kit

    Danger Shield v1.0 Kit

    A really sweet Arduino shield to give you blinky buzzy sliders and various sensors for doing whatever you can dream up.

  3. Magnetic Rotary Encoder v1.0 Kit

    Magnetic Rotary Encoder v1.0 Kit

    A sweet little board to measure the rotational position with 10 bits of accuracy. That's an accuracy of 0.35 degrees!

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  1. Sanguino Breakout Shield v1.0 Kit

    Sanguino Breakout Shield v1.0 Kit

    A sweet board that allows you to use screw terminals to hook up your project to the Sanguino. Use it as a shield, or build it as a Sanguino... your choice!

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