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MakerBot® DC Servo Controller v1.0 Kit

A DC Servo Controller v1.0 electronics kit for your robotics or hacking projects!

The DC Servo Controller is a specialized Arduino designed to control a DC motor with feedback from an encoder. This is what is called a 'closed-loop' system and more commonly a 'servo' motor. When most people think servo motor, an image of the hobby servo comes to mind. Hobby servos are special motors with a motor, gearbox, and control electronics built into one single package. These motors are cheap and easy to control. This board is more flexible, and is the big brother to that type of setup. With the MakerBot® DC Servo Controller, you have the freedom to fully program your servo, and is also designed to work with our Magnetic Linear Encoder or Magnetic Rotary Encoder which give you an amazing amount of accuracy and flexibility in your design. You can also use much stronger motors that can draw up to 2.8A! With this board you can build awesome, accurate, and easily programmed robots.
Designed to integrate with the MakerBot® Magnetic Linear Encoder v1.2Kit and the MakerBot® Rotary Encoder v2.1 Kit

Quadrature Input: The MakerBot® DC Servo Controller has standardized on Incremental Quadrature Encoding as its feedback method of choice. This type of encoding system is very common, and there are many chips and devices capable of generating the required signals. Our magnetic rotary and linear encoders are compatible, and interfacing with your own devices will be a snap.

Motor Output: The MakerBot DC Servo Controller is designed to drive a DC motor at up to 36V @ 2.8A. It uses the A3949 chip which is an integrated full H-bridge driver. Simply wire your motor up to the A/B channels and you're ready to rock and roll.

ATX Power Input: This board comes standard with an ATX power header. It takes the 12V, 5V, and GND directly from this header. If you wish to drive your motors at >12V, then you can simply supply a higher voltage on the +12V input line. Be aware that the board supports a maximum of +36V for motor voltage, and that voltages higher than +12V will require disabling the power LED. The board requires exactly 5V for the digital power supply.

Serial Header: The board comes with a serial header that is compatible with the USB2TTL cable from FTDI. This cable contains a USB to Serial converter chip and allows simple programming of the board from any computer. This cable is available from the MakerBot® Store.

I2C: The ATMEGA168 has hardware functionality built into it that implements the I2C protocol.


* Arduino based design with ATMEGA168 microprocessor
* Fully programmable with 16K flash, 1K ram, 512B EEPROM
* Simple interface with standard connectors
* Runs on 12-36V @ 2.8A maximum
* Preprogrammed as a stepper driver emulator
* Accepts a standard ATX power connector for +12V power
* Plenty of extra IO for hackability and expansion

(1) MakerBot® DC Servo Controller v1.0 Fully Assembled
(3) 6 pin IDC connector
(1) Molex Y Splitter
(1) 10 pin ribbon cable 12"

Full documentation available here: