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Aluminum Build Surface for Thing-O-Matic®

An aluminum build surface with countersunk mounting holes for a fully flush build surface!
This is a120mm x 120mm 1/16" Aluminum build surface for your Thing-O-Matic® heated build platform. Instead of printing directly on the Heater Board, now you can add this aluminum heat spreader with countersunk bolt heads to create a perfectly smooth build surface.

Gone are the days of un-flush bolt heads getting near your nozzle! Now you can push your builds all the way to the furthest edges of the build surface with no obstructions.

Custom made for us to match the mounting holes of the Thing-O-Matic Heater Board v1.1 and build surface, it spreads heat evenly and quickly to make sure your prints are attached consistently.

It pairs perfectly with our Superwide Kapton Tape, and makes re-surfacing your Bot faster and easier than ever.

The kit comes with (1) Aluminum build Surface, (6) M3 x 20mm Flat-head socket cap bolts, (18) M3 Nuts, and one packet of thermal compound.