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Cupcake CNC Supplies

  1. Relay Board Kit v1.0

    Relay Board Kit v1.0

    This little powerhouse can help run all the extras on your Bot without drawing all the power through your extruder controller and motherboard. It accepts a standard ATX power supply plug, and runs the juice to whatever items need it (HBP's, LED's, PCB's, whatever!) This easy-to-solder kit includes two mechanical relay switches, that can deliver enough power to run your Heated Build Platform and another add-on all day, with no extra strain on your extruder controller.


  2. USB to TTL Cable

    USB to TTL Cable

    This USB to TTL cable let's you talk to a microcontroller like the Sanguino over USB!

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  3. Stepper Driver v2.3 Fully Assembled

    Stepper Driver v2.3 Fully Assembled

    A nice little stepper driver that handles most motors up to NEMA23. Cheap, reliable, and fully assembled.

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  1. Diecut Kapton Surface v1

    Diecut Kapton Surface v1.0

    This is an adhesive-backed die-cut Kapton sheet, for use with the MakerBot "Heated Build Platform v2.0 Kit". It's 0.005" thick. If you need to replace the sheet that came with your HBP kit, just apply one of these and you are back in business!

    Out of stock

  2. Ethernet Cable (1ft)

    Ethernet Cable (1ft)

    Ethernet cables make it easy to connect the steppers to the motherboard of your robot. Also handy for connecting to the internet. Besides being able to hook up something to the internet or set up a reprap, you'll need 6 of these to make all the steppers go. The great thing is that this cord makes plugging and playing possible instead of having to solder up custom connectors.


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